Once upon a time…

This is a story about a boy who loved a girl.

The boy loved this girl very much, and wanted her to be happy. So, he bought her a camera.

The girl loved the camera. She cheered and danced, and went snap happy.  Until that day.

The day the girl just got too busy to pick the camera back up.

Two years the girl owned the camera, but the camera started to collect dust more than capture life’s moments. This made the girl sad.  The boy, because he loved the girl, was sad as well.

Then, one day, it happened. The girl found a new direction! She found inspiration! A muse whispered in her ear….

“Pick the camera up, dear. It’s time to chase your bliss.”

The girl did, and she remembered something about herself that had been lost to time~ that she wasn’t done yet.

Now, the girl is happy again. And the boy, he loves her (and her crazy ways) even more than before.

Welcome to the fairy tale…


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