I Don’t Speak French

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Even though I was feeling a bit under the weather with a chest cold (or maybe it’s just allergies? Either way, I coughed a LOT), we still managed to escape to the mountains for a day trip.

We went to Morrillton, AR and spent Saturday on Petite Jean Mountain (pronounced “Petty Gene”. My mom laughed at me the first time I called it “Pah-teet John”. Apparently, the Arkansans don’t like French much.) It is my absolute FAVORITE day trip around here.  There is so much to see there, and I always leave wishing we could have done more.

Unfortunately, with me having a chest cold going on, we didn’t get to hike near as much as I would have preferred. But, I did manage to get in lots of pictures for my sixth day of lessons. The lesson was on aperture again. I think I really nailed it:

Just for fun, we took a few pictures that were the same as a few we took two years ago. I couldn’t believe A) how a few days of lessons can make such a huge improvement in my technique, and B) how much my family has changed in two years. My little monkey is growing up so fast. 😦

Let’s compare, shall we?

My family- 2009.

Us- 2011. (Does anybody know of any way to make time slow down???)

I should probably put down the camera, and save Tommy. -2009

Poor, Tommy. I still have to choose between him and the picture. -2011

After seeing the newest pictures, I was shocked. Firstly, because I actually like my hair shorter. (Whoda thunk it?) Secondly, because I have gotten much better at understanding the functions of the camera. I am really happy with how all my pictures came out.

I gave James my old point and shoot camera to keep him occupied on the trip. He took some super cute pictures, but this one was my favorite

I think he really captured his parent’s knack for wearing shirts that were in style twenty years ago. We are the epitome of fashionistas, right?

What does everybody think? Am I doing all right? Getting better? Getting worse? Should I grow my hair back out? Keep it short? Get a new wardrobe?



One thought on “I Don’t Speak French

  1. W.o.w. I can’t believe how much James has changed. And yes, I like your hair shorter too. Or maybe it’s just the tapering at the ends & the bangs. IDK. Your boobs have gotten smaller too LOL I didn’t notice til now LMAO!

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