Hands… Touching Hands

(Is Neil Diamond in your head now? Consider that my gift to you. You are welcome.)   🙂

Day 4 of 31. Today’s Lesson: Adjusting your ISO.

I will admit, ISO is something I never understood. However, this lesson finally made it make sense.

During homeschool time, I was looking down at James’ hand, and noticed how wonderful his hands are. They are FULL of teeny-tiny lines. A fortune teller would have a field day with him.

This picture was taken at 40mm, 1/160, f/14. ISO 1600.This picture was taken at 45mm, 1/1000, f/4.5. ISO 1600.This picture was taken 45mm, 1/1000, f 4.5. ISO 1600.

I think the top picture, with it’s slower shutter speed is my favorite. It’s less washed out, and you can see the detail better. I kept the ISO the same (once I found one that didn’t completely wash out my picture/make it too dark), and played with the shutter speed until I found ones that worked. What’s interesting is how different the speeds were, and how (IMO) the pictures aren’t that different.

Lesson learned today? I have no idea. I need to play around more. I get what the lesson is, I just haven’t figured out how to apply it, yet.

Back to the drawing boards  classroom for me. I’m thinking, even though I vaguely understand, I’m only one step away from a dunce cap at this point.

Anyone want to offer up suggestions for what I’m doing wrong? Opinions on my work? Dunce cap to spare?

eta: After I typed this up, I studied about ISO some more. We had an afternoon storm, and then a spectacular sunset. The light outside was the most beautiful  shade of soft pink. It was almost magical. I couldn’t resist trying my hand at a few new pics. I am happy to say, I think I almost “get” it. Look at the difference in the earlier pictures and these.

All of these were shot in 55mm, 1/15, f/6.3, ISO 1600.


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